Community Visitors Scheme 

The Community Visitors Scheme (CVS) provides support to older Australians by allocating funding to community-based organisations, such as St George Careers Development Centre, to recruit, train and support approved volunteers to make regular visits to socially and or culturally isolated recipients of Australian Government subsidised aged care services.

St George Careers Development Centre CVS matches aged care recipients with volunteer visitors, who make one-on-one visits in aged care facilities - either low care (hostels) or high care (nursing homes).  

Any care recipient whose quality of life could be improved by the companionship of a regular community visitor can be referred to the CVS by their aged care provider, a family member, friend, or they may self-identify that they would benefit from such visits.

Can you spare an hour or so per fortnight to be a volunteer visitor with the CVS?  

Ring to make a booking to volunteer in our auspiced areas - St George or Sutherland Shire: 

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