Fee and Refund Policy

Course fees (where applicable) must be paid in full prior to commencement of training.  In special circumstances alternate arrangements may be made for fees to be paid by installment.  The Centre reserves the right to withhold Statements of Attainment and Certificates until any outstanding fees are paid.

St George Careers Development Centre has a fee protection policy in place which states that if fees are applicable, fees collected in advance must not exceed $1,500.

Under Smart and Skilled, the student contributes towards the cost of training through the payment of a student fee. Concession fees and fee exemptions are available.  See Smart and Skilled link for further details. 

Refund Policy

A full refund will be given or transfer will be offered when the Centre cancels a course or workshop.  If you withdraw your enrollment at least one week prior to the commencement date of a course or workshop a  full refund will be given.  If an enrollment is withdrawn less than one week before the commencement of the course or workshop, a refund can be applied for in writing however a $50 cancellation fee is payable.  Alternatively your place can be transferred to another person you nominate without penalty, if they are eligible and suitable for the program.  Once the course or workshop has commenced a refund will not be given.  All refunds will be paid by electronic funds transfer (EFT) within 14 days.

Replacing Statement of Attainments or Qualifications

 The Centre is able to replace a Statement of Attainment or Qualification for a period of 30 years. Applicants will need to apply in writing and provide proof of identity.  An administration fee of $55 (including GST) applies.  

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